Sunday, 16 December 2012

The End Of A Little Adventure

6:30 p.m.
Hello Everybody

Note :- To read the full story Click Here

Yesterday , I found one of the pup in the park behind my house ( Don't know which pup I am talking about ? Read the full story Here ) . Actually my friend Chirag while coming to my home told me that he had seen the pup there . So we ( Me , Chirag , Rahul ) went there . There were both the pups in the park but there mother was also there on the other side of the park and she could not see us as the park is very big ( I will post the picture of the park , The buildings that are yet to be completed which we call the ruins and The colony where I live ).
We went close to one of the pups and he ran to the park in front of my house which is yet to be completed fully . After following him for a very long time he got stuck in a thorn bush and got hurt . We had pity on him and decided not to catch him and somehow freed him from the thorn bushes . He was happy and ran to his mother in the park . We also clicked some photos of it which I will post tomorrow .

So this is the End of a Little Adventure.............

Till Next Time

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