Friday, 14 December 2012

A Little Adventure

15 December 2012
11:28 a.m.
Hello Everybody

Over a past couple of days , near the park behind my home . I spotted two golden pups . When I went near them they ran into a building yet to be completed . Actually there were many buildings with 3 floors.
We ( Me , My Brother Navjyot , My Friend Shaan , Another Friend Rahul , And Another Friend Chirag ) also went into that buildings following them ( These buildings looked more like ruins than buildings that are yet to be completed ) . For a few minutes we could see them running in front of us but after some time we lost track of them. We searched for them for over two hours . Today it is Saturday and we still couldn't find them although we started searching on Wednesday . We got so close to finding ( and of course catching ) one of the puppies Many times . First time my friend Shaan got scared of the puppy because he was barking .
Second time he felt very bad because it was a little puppy and he didn't want to hurt it . Third time the pup's Mom was there and one of my friend threw a stone at her and she chased us . We had to jump over the park wall to save ourselves .

I hope that one day We will find The puppies or one of the puppy.
I will post a picture of the puppies or the puppy when I catch it. I'm afraid that they should have been caught by monkeys because we did not see them yesterday.

To be Continued...........

Till Next Time

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